Ocean Freight Services

With shipment deadlines looming, seamless freight forwarding is an absolute must. Every minute counts, which is why we specialize in arranging time-critical air charters, where alternative transport logistics solutions are not viable. Sourcing the right shipment for your freight requirements is what our logistics specialists do best. So, whether you need a helicopter to ship a small yet vital freight load to a remote location, or a larger aircraft for a last minute charter emergency, we can help. With the quickest setup time on the market, your cargo will take to the skies in no time.

We’ll always guide you in the right direction. But an air cargo charter might be appropriate for large, oversized or heavy shipments. It’s also perfect for time-critical cargo, such as shipping emergency medical supplies to a rural location. An air cargo charter can also be used to ship dangerous goods or those with a particularly high value. Our on board courier service is also available on request, should items need to be carefully watched and accounted for onboard. As expected, timing and tracking play a huge role in this process and you’ll always be kept in-the-know as to where your cargo is at any particular time.

Whether your travel is for business or leisure, our dedicated team of private jet professionals are here to guide you every step of the way.
We understand that time & privacy are of upmost importance, with access to an extensive range of private jets, and with a team available 24/7 to cater for every eventuality, you can sit back and enjoy an unparalleled private jet experience.

Key advantages of choosing our Private Jet service:

  • Flexible itineraries
  • Bespoke catering
  • Access to remote destinations
  • Chauffeur driven connections to and from airports

Ocean Freight Servicing

One recent example of this was a volume vehicle manufacturer who makes parts at its Serbian factory for distribution to its network of production plants, including one in East London, South Africa. This regular shipment usually involves road transport from the Serbian factory to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport where the goods are then flown to O.R. Tambo International Airport. However, issues at the Serbian-Hungarian border meant the goods would be delayed and potentially halt South African production.

Chartering is very different to forwarding goods on a scheduled commercial or passenger airline. It’s all about accessing a dedicated private plane or helicopter to transport your time-critical goods urgently when delays are simply not an option. Speed, professionalism and tracking are essential, which is why we operate like clockwork to ensure all your needs are met.

As transport and logistic experts with immediate access to all airfield locations and aircraft availability, our ocean cargo charter services ensure speed, accountability and value at all times to ensure that your shipment meets its deadline. No matter how complex or urgent the demand, we’ve got you covered, offering 24/7 365-day availability for non-stop advice and support.

At Logistic cargo , we’ll also plan and monitor all elements of your ocean cargo charter. From ground handling and packaging to preflight requirements and custom checks, we’ll take care of all the finer details so you don’t have to. Rely on us for a legal and fully compliant service that ticks all the boxes, no matter what destination you’re dealing with. We know the red tape, and we know the solutions – which is why our services can remain streamlined and fast.

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