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We’re committed to providing a fast, no-nonsense service, with our 24-hour warehouse operation offering contingency and long-term storage, stock replenishment and fulfilment, pick, pack, labelling, sub-assembly, comprehensive UK distribution and reverse logistics. We can accommodate fast or slow-moving products, fully tracked through precise inventory management control as well as a range of additional services tailored to your business requirements.

The client advised that the inbound delivery would be split into two loads, with the first eight containers arriving in just two days, requiring storage until the new year.

The experts at Logistics cargo adeptly relocated the existing stock in the warehouse to ensure efficient delivery and storage within 12 hours of the request. With the warehouse prepared to accommodate the imminent influx of pallets, attention turned to safely streamlining the offloading process. When dealing with any offloading, the safety of all those involved is paramount.

The team at Logistics Cargo quickly devised a dynamic risk assessment, as is protocol with all warehouse storage, that was carried out against each inbound container and an hour-and-a-half allocated to unloading, checking and storing each pallet.

Due to the forward-thinking of the dedicated team, with two counterbalance forklift trucks working in tandem to handle the delivery volume, the automotive components were offloaded and stored in less than the allocated time. All-the-while, the client was kept informed as each container entered the warehouse and departed to the production site.

Throughout the project, the client received full visibility and control over their stock levels through a dedicated report, confident in the knowledge that the agreed weekly cycle count is carried out ensured 100% accuracy.

Using their determination, agility and planning skills, the fast courier team was able to save the client from extensive demurrage costs and delighted them with the excellent service provided.

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